I am a philosopher working at the intersection of philosophy, economics, and public policy. More specifically, I think and write about practical rationality and decision theory, ethics, public policy evaluation, economic methodology, and the application of economic methods to philosophical problems. What unites most of my work to date is a desire to better understand what morality and rationality require of us when we don’t know what the future may hold. Recently, I have thought a lot about whether ordinary people and policy-makers faced with uncertainty are required to follow some variant of expected utility theory, what that even means in the first place, what the alternatives may be, and how plausible these are. What’s at stake in this debate, in practical terms, is how much room we can make for genuine risk aversion and precaution in public policy and in our ordinary lives.

Below, you will find my published work as well as work in progress roughly (and imperfectly) grouped by subject area.

Decision Theory and Rationality:

Ethics and Public Policy:

Economic Methodology and Philosophy of Science: